Freedom Checks: Should you believe Matt Badilali?

Freedom Checks is an investment idea created by investment and mining expert Matt Badiali. He is a respected investor who helps the average investor to make money by following the investment recommendations that he makes. He is experienced and trained in the mining industry and therefore spotting opportunities which arise from this field is not a problem. He loves energy stocks for investments. He holds a bachelors in earth science from Penn State University and masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He is has been to many countries around the world to get firsthand information about the mining and oil fields.

It is now clear that the person behind the freedom checks is legit. What about the idea itself? Is it legitimate? The commercial ad that introduced the idea of this opportunity to the people featured Badiali showing the people a check of a huge figure which he claimed anyone can get by claiming their own. In the ad, it looked like all that one needed to do to get the check was to ask for it and it would be provided, but that is not the reality. There is a whole different idea about freedom checks that need to understand.

Some people were demotivated when they learned the process involved in earning the check. They realized that after all, it was not as easy as it looked in the ad. However, despite the disappointment, people need to realize that there is nothing that comes that easy in this world. You must invest something in order to reap something.

Freedom Checks is still a lucrative investment opportunity that needs to be exploited. Those who have no idea about them and those who are looking for free money are the ones who think it is impossible to make money from this industry.

Matt Badiali introduced the idea of freedom checks because he knew that there were good opportunities that could benefit investors. His idea involves investing in businesses known as MLPs. They are businesses that fall in the energy sector. The government offers these companies tax reprieve hence they can turn their profits into investors share.

Cornelsen Is A World-Renowned Investor Igor

Igor Cornelsen is a world-renowned investor who is trusted by many for his financial expertise. Igor specializes in various areas of the investing industry. He is known for his theory of investing in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. Igor’s philosophy behind this is that damaged companies will bring in all sorts of unforeseen problems. However, damaged stocks are cheap and guaranteed to produce dividends in the long run.

Igor Cornelson began his career in the banking industry. He spent time with Bainbridge Inc and was a high-ranking member of this organization as well as other banks in Brazil. Igor has since moved on to South Florida where he retired to in 2010. He still enjoys investing and does it as a hobby.

There are several different ways to get involved with investing. It is an extremely daunting task for those who are new to the arena. Igor fine tuned his skills while working in the banking industry. He advises those who are starting out to carefully study their investment vehicle and learn all of the various nuances of its operation.

There are always risks involved when it comes to investing. The best way to reduce these obstacles is to do careful research. There is no point in remaining involved in an investment that is not making money. The point is to always turn a profit. If a particular vehicle is not producing revenue then it should be let go immediately. It is a big mistake to hang on to something due to emotional sentiment.

Another solid method of minimizing risks in investment is developing a diverse portfolio. A diverse portfolio will feature a number of risky investments that are paired together with very sound investments. A beginner may want to seek counsel when first starting out in investing. A specialist will be able to develop the portfolio and provide the needed expertise. Once a new investor is comfortable with all of the information they can then venture out on their own.

Igor Cornelsen advises young people to start investing very early. It is the key to long-term financial freedom. Many begin their working careers without focusing on saving for the future. However, it is a huge advantage to put money in a position to earn revenue as soon as possible.

A Guide To Dr. Clay Siegall

Does the name Clay Siegall sound familiar? In most cases, the majority of people in the world will never know who this person is, but he has done a phenomenal job of fighting cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall is a prominent doctor and scientist. When it comes to progressively fighting cancer, he is certainly the man to call. Siegall is the co-founder and chief executive officer for one of the world’s leading biotech-oncology organizations. This organization is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has been on a mission to eradicate cancer. Located in Bothell, Washington, this particular cancer-research institute produces some of the most progressive and efficient antibody-drug conjugates.

Unlike past cancer treatments like chemotherapy, antibody-drug conjugates work by directly attacking cancer cells. These powerful medication have the ability to yield much better results because of their efficiency. The patients who use these medications experience less side effects. This is a big deal when dealing with cancer because the medications are so strong. This immense strength of cancer medications can destroy cancer cells, but it can also destroy healthy cells. Antibody-drug conjugates take away the sickening side effects, which helps the patient to immediately feel better. Dr. Siegall’s role in this type of medication can’t be questioned. He’s an “old guard” of the industry. Dr. Siegall has been able to license these powerful medications with multiple pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlien. ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has gone on to generate over $350 million in sales.

Being business savvy has definitely paid off in a big way. Over 60 different countries worldwide are now using the ADECTRIS drug with success. Dr. Siegall is looking to expand this brand by handling its international-marketing rights. By doing so, Seattle Genetics will be able to control its own destiny in the future.

Talos Energy Emerges Stronger After Merger

A merger that took place between Talos Energy Inc. and Stone Energy last May caused shockwaves to resonate throughout the oil and energy production industry. Both companies have operated independently in the oil and gas industry and have a history of expert asset management and development. When Stone Energy was forced to file for bankruptcy in late 2016, the road was paved for the efforts of the entities to be joined under the umbrella of Talos Energy. Tim Duncan, Talos Energy CEO, says that the merger will be beneficial to shareholders due to the new company’s increase in both scale and liquidity. Duncan also expressed the joy he felt at getting the deal done after so many of his peers openly doubted the merger decision.

Many thought that the deal was a bad idea for Talos Energy Inc. due to the large size of Stone Energy and the financial woes the company was currently experiencing. The merger was further complicated by the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to the greater Houston area just as the merger negotiations were reaching their peak. In fact, Duncan and his family were forced to evacuate by way of a FEMA boat as the flood waters from the storm rendered all roads to and from his Kingwood, Texas home completely impassable. Once assuring the safety of his family in Alabama, Tim Duncan returned to Houston, taking up temporary residence at the home of his parents who had fared a little better from the storm.

Tim Duncan set up a makeshift office in his parents’ kitchen and the negotiations that were interrupted by the fury of mother nature began again. A few months later, these negotiations were completed and the new Talos Energy was born. The result of the merger is that Tim Duncan is now the chief executive officer of a company that boasts of annual revenue reaching $900 million. The company will also have the use of the public listing that had been enjoyed by Stone energy and the company balance sheet should also excite shareholders as the company is encumbered by $700 million currently to go along with $2.3 billion in assets.

As CAO of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides Is a Leader In Areas of Executive Leadership In Healthcare and Policy. 

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides brings strong leadership in areas of healthcare policy and executive leadership. Since returning to InnovaCare Health as a prior employee in 2015, she has teamed up with President and CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto, and other key executives to provide quality leadership at InnovaCare.


Dr. Shinto has worked directly with CAO, Penelope Kokkinides over the last few years. Both Shinto and Kokkinides believe in creating policy and initiatives that will ultimately provide best-in-class medical care for patients who rely on InnovaCare Health and its subsidiaries for its health plans. Ms. Kokkinides and Dr. Shinto have both focused on the future of healthcare policy and how it directly affects both the people living in Puerto Rico and many residents of the U.S.


For a well-known healthcare company like InnovaCare Health, they genuinely strive to provide the best medical support they can for beneficiaries located in Puerto Rico and in the U.S. InnovaCare Health, which has its corporate headquarters in Fort Lee, N.J. Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc., Dr. Rick Shinto, has been in operational healthcare and clinical areas of the managed care milieu for many decades. He has also been a practicing doctor.


Dr. Shinto’s resume includes executive roles at Medical Pathways Management Company, MMM Healthcare Inc., North American Medical Management, PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., and Aventa Inc.


Regarding Kokkinides executive experience, she once held the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aventa, Inc from 2006 to 2012. Ms. Kokkinides has also held the position of Corporate Vice President (CVP) at AmeriChoice. Kokkinides was also responsible for the Care Management and Disease Management sector while at UnitedHealth Group. Penelope Kokkinides held an important role concerning UnitedHealth’s new implementations. She created and also helped to implement this healthcare model at UnitedHealth, Inc. Moreover, Kokkinides has also been the COO at Touchstone Health HMO, Inc.


Because of her extraordinary executive leadership in the healthcare sector, Kokkinides was invited to meet with the President of the United States in April 2017. Seven other women joined Kokkinides as part of a Women in Healthcare panel. A meaningful discussion regarding the role of women in healthcare occurred at the White House. While Kokkinides was at the White House, Kokkinides addressed President Trump and the Administrator for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Seema Verna about increasing federal funding for Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Pensive On Privatization Of Pension Fund

On October 6, 1951, in Marília, São Paulo, a man was born, but nobody could foretell his destiny. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has risen to become the leading figure in the banking industry not only in Brazil, but he is also recognized worldwide. His career at Banco Bradesco S.A. began in 1969, and he rose through the ranks by servicing in all capacities in the firm.

He has been the Chairman of the Board of Banco Bradesco since October 3, 2017, after serving as Chief Executive Officer from March 10, 2009, to March 12, 2018. He has a Masters in Philosophy with a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology at Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo. His career spanned 48 years ago, and his entire professional life has been spent in the Bradesco Organization. He is not only Chairman of the organization, but he holds other executive positions in subsidiaries of the Bradesco portfolio.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a record of accomplishments that speaks for itself. Luiz Carlos Trabuco began by making significant changes in the most critically ailing departments according to The first thing he had to deal with when he took over the establishment was to solve the crisis in the pension system that was the blame for the financial crisis that had plagued the company.

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To massage societal appreciation many leaders opt to maintain the status quo, but though he faced hostility for the policies he introduced, Bradesco has risen to be a global leader in finance. Other than introducing changes to reform the pension system, he has been assembling a team to lead the company towards further growth. As bank executive he does not believe in authoritarian leadership and instead of handling all decisions on his own, he encourages every member of the institution to have at least some say in the major decisions, and this leads to further prosperity of the company over the long haul. He also has been encouraging bank administrators to be more autonomous and rarely gets involved in departmental issues unless invited.

The first thing that Luiz Carlos Trabuco did, when he took over, was to initiate several brainstorming sessions where he gathered information on why the bank was not only losing profits, but it had also lost its position as a market leader. The idea of mergers with smaller financial institutions appealed to him as a way of not only increasing the asset base of the institution but also increase the stock value of the bank according to He is credited with the acquisition of numerous institutions, but his brightest star was the way he handled the merger between HSBC Brazil and Banco Bradesco at a cost that was deemed the most expensive merger on the planet at the time. His sparkling leadership at Bradesco has led him to be a hot pick in, not only on Wall Street, but the government also consulted him on various issues especially on pension reforms to cut government expenditure on public utility, his policies are set to revamp the financial crisis that has bedeviled Brazil lately.

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Jeff Herman: A Refuge for Children

An American trial lawyer, Jeffrey Herman was born in 1959. He specializes in the representation of victims of sexual exploitation. Herman is known to expose sexual predators in the United States and unearthing the institutions defending them from justice. In 1985, Herman received his Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and began practice the same year in Florida. The idea of Herman Law came to be after Herman worked on a case in 1997 where a four-year-old autistic son was abused in school. After his investigation, Jeff found that a pedophile hired at the school had sexually abused the boy.

After the case he worked on in 1997, Herman was concerned and devoted his proficient career to dealing with cases of sexual abuse. Most people accused of such malpractices are protected by the institutions they work in, and he became committed to making sure that they are held accountable. According to Herman, these institutions which include schools, churches among others disregard the safest choices of the children who matter most. Jeff bridges the gap by filing suit and litigating affairs in civil court giving victims a voice hence putting an end to such actions.

Herman expresses the need for parents to talk to their children about sex crimes and predators. In his article, he says that nearly all child predators acknowledge taking advantage of a child for they don’t know what sex is. In this way, it becomes easy to trap, control and groom their victims. Shielding children from sexual harassment could be impossible even for the best parent hence keeping open the lines of communication and educating children would be the best approach to this nightmares.

In November 2011, Herman on behalf of a client sexually abused by a Roman Catholic priest in Miami Father Neil Doherty made history in the United States where he got 15 years imprisonment. Herman directs parents on the specific course of action where he puts that communication is the vital tool. The internet is the fast hub for pedophiles hence parents should ensure regular access to their children’s electrical devices. Also, they should monitor their interactions and messages.

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Roseann Bennett- Positively Changing the Family System

Roseann Bennett boasts of being an accomplished family and marriage therapists with roughly ten years of offering incomparable services. She helps families and couples from diversified life through their challenging life problems as their in-home family therapist. Roseann Bennett core duties are in individuals, family and marital therapy, treatments planning, crisis’s management and case management. She primarily devotes her working life around New Jersey and exclusively in Warren, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties dealing with families and also adolescents.

Roseann Bennett is renowned for her compassionate therapy methods using several background assessments hence providing her clients with effective’s solutions. She has regularly maintained blogs that educate women on their mental health at home and workplace. And in 2009 she established the Centers for Assessments and Treatments, and it opened its doors to the public in 2010. The Center central core is helping people who have different life struggles both externally and internally that are exceeding their control, and it’s a charitable organization devoted to advocating and treating families and individuals and especially those from the marginalized communities.

Roseann Bennett starts her day solving her clients problems, and the process is non-stop giving her his most significant life assets helping others. Roseann is responsible for direction, leadership, and coordination of all activities at the Center making her the integral player. She prepares the Agency budgets and helps in the maintenance of its adequate system that allows for daily and proper accounting. Additionally, Roseann Bennett maintains her clinical caseloads since she loves connecting and assisting individuals to and her work also varies from developing programs to the writing of agency policies to more mundane daily tasks.

Roseann is a family and marriage therapist and believes that being productive is paying intense attention coupled with pondering the idea and revisiting the final decision. She states in assessing of risks and coming up with a sustainable idea what is practical within her scope of practice and being passionate about the concept makes it germinate. Roseann Bennett went to Seton Hall University for her masters in Psychological science and obtained specialized education in Family and Marriage therapy.

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Fortress Investment Group Spreads Its Wings beyond Borders

Fortress Investment Group was started as a private equity and alternative asset investment company. The firm grew to become one of America’s most respected and successful asset investment companies. It handles credit and liquid hedge funds. Fortress Investment Group is managed by Wes Edens, its CEO and Peter Briger who is a Co-Principal, just like Wess Edens. The company has spread its wings beyond the US borders and has caught the eye of some eligible suitors in the recent past. Fortress Investment Group manages assets on behalf of over 1500 public and private clients. It has developed an investment advisory program that focuses on the needs of its clients so as to provide the most satisfactory service.

SoftBank Purchases Fortress Investment Group

The Japanese technology giant, SoftBank, recently completed the purchase of Fortress Investment Group. The executives of the two firms confirmed that they have completed the talks and that the deal is now sealed. In the arrangement, SoftBank has acquired Fortress Investment Group at a cost of $3.3 billion. The Softbank management says that they have met all required conditions and followed the requisite procedures. Following the successful purchase, therefore, all Fortress shares have been withdrawn from trading independently on the NYSE. Softbank now owns all of the shares that were owned by Fortress, including those of the companies that were run by Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger says that Fortress completed all processes and that they were granted the approval of the shareholders before executing the deal. SoftBank says that Fortress will continue operating independently. SoftBank observes that the only difference will be that the financial report will be incorporated into the one issued by SoftBank at the end of every financial year. Therefore, no one lost their jobs at Fortress as a result of the acquisition. Furthermore, the SoftBank management points out that the group is impressed with the new acquisition. They say that Fortress Investment Group is highly skilled in the investment segment and that SoftBank will improve its investment portfolio as a result of the deal. Fortress is highly diversified, which means it has spread out its risk in such a way that it easily handles its business setbacks.

Fortress in the 2010 Winter Olympics

In 2010, Fortress Investment Group having diversified its investments and investment services, nearly stopped the 2010 winter Olympics from taking place; owing to a debt that the organizers of the event in Canada were delaying to pay. Many Canadians could not understand how and why Fortress was in the picture. It turned out that Fortress Investment had bailed out a couple of resorts and hotels along the strip that the Winter Olympics were to be held. So it had legal control over them. Fortress, for instance, had gained the control of Whistler Blackcomb Resort where the events were to be held.


Ricardo Tosto is a reputable lawyer and entrepreneur who have been influential in his country. Being one of the greatest law developers in Brazil, he has been involved in many law-related establishments that have changed the state in a large dimension. Other than his involvement in law, he is also a business strategist. His experience and skills are evident in his works which include his working for companies in business litigation for years as well as the defense of cases for many companies and personalities.

The establishment of his office paved the way for his possibility to deal with more legal issues in the country. For instance, he was involved in the development of multi-national groups for politicians whose interests differ. Moreover, Ricardo Tosto was in the forefront when developing the laws to govern the economy. The laws outlined have resulted in positive changes and growth as they were incorporated into daily business activities.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm has created an impact in the production of effective laws. The achievement is attributed to the group of workers who are skilled and knowledgeable and at the same time understand the need for teamwork. Furthermore, he has worked with other professionals to ensure good laws have been implemented. For instance, his project with Milk and Barros to make the Brazilian law eligible to have a technical exchange with foreign lawyers as well as to resolve issues related to assets.

Through its collaboration, many cases have been resolved and laws implemented. For example, Ricardo Tosto recently had the privilege to solve and outline laws governing marriage and a third party in the same marriage. The problem was the distribution of assets where all the parties claimed to have a right to own. However, the Superior Court of Justice annulled the possibility of all wanting the assets since the ex-wife complained. She claimed to have assisted in the acquisition of the assets and is not legally divorced.

According to Ricardo Tosto, the ex-wife has a right to possession since they are still recognized as a couple by the law. However, if the current wife proves otherwise, the case can be reconsidered to her advantage. The bill, however, states that the one who acquired the assets should be the one to possess.