Rebel Wilson Becomes part of the Cats Cast

Rebel Wilson is an actress, producer, and writer who hails from Australia. She is a graduate of the Australian Theatre for Young People.

She is one of the leading female comedians in the entertainment industry. Rebel Wilson initiated her career in 2003 when she made the first appearance on Pizza, a comedy series.

Rebel Wilson joins the Cats cast

Rebel Wilson will soon feature in a film Cats. She will appear as the old Gumbie cat Jennyanydots.

Her character will portray a lazy cat that seats around all day and does nothing but becomes active at night. When the moon rises, Jennyanydots sets out to teach mice various tricks.

Additionally, she hires cockroaches to serve as her troop. Rebel Wilson and her fellow performers have been rehearsing at the Leavesden Studios in preparation for film release in 2019. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Other cast members include Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, and Royal Ballet dancers.

Rebel Wilson’s early life and career

Rebel Wilson is native of Sydney, New South Wales. She was raised by her mother who then worked as a professional dog handler. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

She attended Tara Anglican School for Girls and acquired her high school Diploma in 1997. Before becoming an actress, she had envisioned herself working as a mathematics tutor.

Rebel Wilson has two degrees in arts and law from the University of New South Wales. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

During her childhood, she spent a year in Africa after which she went back to Australia to pursue her passion in the film industry. Rebel Wilson has strived to make her name known in the entertainment industry.

Among her significant achievements in this industry include the production of Bogan Pride, a musical comedy.

Throughout her career, she has featured in various films including Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect series. Rebel has also starred in Struck by Lighting and A Few Best Men, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Rebel Wilson’s works have earned her nominations for various awards some of which she won.

Among them is the Tropfest award for best actress, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress and the MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award. This renowned actress has also starred at Super Fun Night, a film she wrote.

In 2011, she became an ambassador for Jenny Craig, a nutrition and weight loss company based in Australia. Until to date, she has gone through significant transformation making her one of the most uniquely talented actresses in Hollywood.

In 2015, she started her clothing line for plus-size people and named it Torrid. To ensure the success of this brand, she brought in some of the most sought-after fashion icons to design the clothes.

Guilherme Paulus Working Towards Advancement Of Tourism In Brazil

The tourism sector has witnessed a massive growth in the past few years in Brazil, and while there are many tour companies that are operating in the region, CVC Brazil has been leading the industry for past many years.

CVC Brazil is the largest tour operator in the whole of Brazil, and it continues to be the number one company in the industry, providing people with a wide variety of tourism options. If you are looking for a tour operator in Brazil that you can depend on for providing you with the reliable service and tour packages, then you can trust Guilherme Paulus’ CVC Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus is the leading name in the hospitality industry as well and is the founder and CEO of GJP Hotels and Resorts, which has over a dozen properties dotted across the country, mainly near the airports and railway stations. Guilherme Paulus sold CVC Brazil to Carlyle Group recently that helped him join the Forbes list of wealthiest Brazilian with the net worth of nearly two billion dollars. He is also a socially conscious man and is associated with many leading charities in the country. He has donated generously to many leading charities in the country to empower low-income communities and fund high-impact initiatives. He believes that companies need to work with the local people and use their resources optimally so that there are interdependence and mutual growth.

Guilherme Paulus wants more and more young people to join the tourism industry that has been witnessing a shortage of talent in the last few years. The lack of awareness among the youngsters about the lucrative job opportunities in the tourism industry is one of the reasons not many young people think of joining the tourism sector. He wants to change this, and it is for this reason, he has started many projects and programs to attract young people to the tourism industry. Tourism is essential for any country as it helps with growth in the economy and brings in foreign currencies good for the country. Guilherme Paulus has been an icon for the tourism industry for a long and continues to be so.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner on Regional Turmoil

Hussain Sajwani is the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties an establishment that he founded in the year 2002. DAMAC Properties is part of the DAMAC Group that was founded in the year 1982. Hussain Sajwani has a business relationship with the US president Donald Trump, and their families are great friends. DAMAC Properties is widely known in Dubai and is responsible for the construction of commercial and residential buildings that are luxurious. Hussain Sajwani wants in the near future to expand his business to China.

Regional Turmoil

Hussain Sajwani is a property mogul, and during an interview with CNBC, he expressed his views on regional turmoil and its impact in Dubai. DAMAC owner attests that regional turmoil is good for Dubai as it leads to the creation of stronger ties regarding economic activity, political activity, and friendship with neighboring countries. Dubai is a very safe country with the best security that one can ever ask for. Even when there are disturbances in other countries in the Gulf region, Dubai safety track is still on. DAMAC owner says that when there are disturbances in other countries such as Egypt and Kuwait, the refugees come to Dubai and this improves their relationship with that country.

For instance, when Iran invaded Kuwait, a lot of Kuwait immigrants fled to the United Arab Emirates to seek refuge. On record, there were seventy thousand individuals from Kuwait that went to Dubai. This significantly improved the economic activity between Kuwait and Dubai as the relationship was strengthened. Also, the two countries now became friendly as opposed to before the invasion. The same happened when Iran and Iraq were at war and the trade between Dubai and Iran also increased. DAMAC Owner attests that the disturbances in other countries have no adverse effect on Dubai as it continues to be one of the safest countries in the world.


Dubai is a great jewel in the Middle East Region and it continues to sore higher. It is an excellent investment and financial hub and utilizes the most advanced forms of technology. It is correct to say that it is a smart city. Read this article to learn about Sajwani’s philanthropic works.


OSI Food Solutions Wins Award and Expands

On November 25, 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI Food Solutions UK with a 2016 Globe of Honour Award for the exceptional manner in which the company has managed its environmental risks. The presentation of the award was made at an Awards luncheon held at Drapers’ Hall in London, UK. In order for OSI to even be considered for a Globe of Honour Award, they must receive the maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s audit scheme for the period from August 2015 to July 2016. Also, they must have demonstrated to an independent panel of experts that their entire company is excellent in terms of environmental management. OSI was among 18 organizations to be honored with a Globe of Honour Award in 2016. OSI was also a recipient of the Globe of Honour Award in the years of 2015 and 2013. OSI Food Solutions UK in Scunthorpe was established in 1989 and primarily produces beef and pork products for the restaurant industry. To know more about the company click here.

There is also good news for OSI Food Solutions Spain, which added a high capacity production line capable of increasing the total amount of quality, processed chicken products produced from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons per year. With the new addition, OSI Food Solutions Spain now has a total annual production capacity of greater than 45,000 tons of quality beef, chicken, and pork products. The plant expansion was made in response to a growing demand for chicken products in the countries of Spain and Portugal. Demand for chicken items in this region has increased by more than 6 percent per year over the last decade and by an average of 8 percent over the last three years. And this growing demand is anticipated to continue. The expansion in production capacity will lead to the creation of 20 new jobs at the facility in Toledo, Spain, which was established in 1990.

The RealReal Is The Go To Destination For Secondhand Fashion

Remember the days when secondhand fashion use to have a stigma. Forget those days. The RealReal has been able to feed off of a younger generation who love the idea of owning a piece of luxury fashion for a short period of time and then passing it onto another fashion lover. The luxury resale market is growing. This company has been able to tap into this budding demand from consumers.

The RealReal was started by Julie Wainwright. This young company was started from her home. Her passion was evident in how she would travel to her customer’s home in a U-Haul with merchandise. Those traveling days are over for this founder except when she travels from the East Coast to West Coast to visit her store locations. Her company has grown from being a home based business to doing nine figures in a single year.

Based off of the company’s website it is pretty evident to why so many consumers shop from The RealReal. For one, the company prides itself on only offering luxury brands that are authentic. They put all of their products through a rigorous process to determine its authenticity. Some of the most beloved luxury brands can be purchased from them. They offer both womenswear and menswear and footwear. Their Instagram is a beautiful board of colorful handbags from Chanel and Gucci. Prada, Chanel and Balenciaga beautiful heels grace their social media. The RealReal showcases everything from the classic baby blue Versace t-shirt to accessories to inspirational quotes. They have created the ultimate style inspiration from social media.

The Rise of Rocketship Education

Over 25000 low-income families in the United States have benefited from the reliable services of Rocketship Education. The group of chartered schools has been operating since 2008, and it has gained a lot of fame over the recent years. The schools have grown to be the best ones in the nation. The high affordability of the schools has given everyone a chance to acquire a good education. Besides, the highly experienced staff of the schools has played a significant role in equipping students with the right knowledge to guide them through the entire studying period.

The schools have adopted the development of strategic plans to improve the performance of their teachers and all staff. The programs designed by the management through innovation seek to educate teachers on the best approaches they can use in the course of conducting their activities. Through reliable programs, teachers have also been able to make informed decisions on the various issues that affect students besides learning great techniques to handle and solve them. The executives of the schools have gained pride in the great success marked by the schools. Besides, the high accreditation that the schools have received has profoundly contributed to their growth.

The group of schools has also developed curriculum to guide the teaching process. Teachers in the schools can now carry out their services at ease through the simple outline they have. Besides, the various leadership programs available at the schools have mentored many people with interest in partaking them. The firm’s executives have taken the initiative to share their counsel with their juniors to teach them on the best attributes that a leader should possess as well as the various ways a leader can deal with challenges. The schools also nurture talents in their students, and they always focus towards helping them develop and improve their techniques as they could help them in the future.

Besides, Rocketship Education also works with the local community to identify the issues affecting them, and through this, they come up with good solutions to handle the problems. The schools have also expanded their operations in many areas, and the executives set up at least two schools in different areas every year.

Freedom Checks: Should you believe Matt Badilali?

Freedom Checks is an investment idea created by investment and mining expert Matt Badiali. He is a respected investor who helps the average investor to make money by following the investment recommendations that he makes. He is experienced and trained in the mining industry and therefore spotting opportunities which arise from this field is not a problem. He loves energy stocks for investments. He holds a bachelors in earth science from Penn State University and masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He is has been to many countries around the world to get firsthand information about the mining and oil fields.

It is now clear that the person behind the freedom checks is legit. What about the idea itself? Is it legitimate? The commercial ad that introduced the idea of this opportunity to the people featured Badiali showing the people a check of a huge figure which he claimed anyone can get by claiming their own. In the ad, it looked like all that one needed to do to get the check was to ask for it and it would be provided, but that is not the reality. There is a whole different idea about freedom checks that need to understand.

Some people were demotivated when they learned the process involved in earning the check. They realized that after all, it was not as easy as it looked in the ad. However, despite the disappointment, people need to realize that there is nothing that comes that easy in this world. You must invest something in order to reap something.

Freedom Checks is still a lucrative investment opportunity that needs to be exploited. Those who have no idea about them and those who are looking for free money are the ones who think it is impossible to make money from this industry.

Matt Badiali introduced the idea of freedom checks because he knew that there were good opportunities that could benefit investors. His idea involves investing in businesses known as MLPs. They are businesses that fall in the energy sector. The government offers these companies tax reprieve hence they can turn their profits into investors share.

Cornelsen Is A World-Renowned Investor Igor

Igor Cornelsen is a world-renowned investor who is trusted by many for his financial expertise. Igor specializes in various areas of the investing industry. He is known for his theory of investing in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. Igor’s philosophy behind this is that damaged companies will bring in all sorts of unforeseen problems. However, damaged stocks are cheap and guaranteed to produce dividends in the long run.

Igor Cornelson began his career in the banking industry. He spent time with Bainbridge Inc and was a high-ranking member of this organization as well as other banks in Brazil. Igor has since moved on to South Florida where he retired to in 2010. He still enjoys investing and does it as a hobby.

There are several different ways to get involved with investing. It is an extremely daunting task for those who are new to the arena. Igor fine tuned his skills while working in the banking industry. He advises those who are starting out to carefully study their investment vehicle and learn all of the various nuances of its operation.

There are always risks involved when it comes to investing. The best way to reduce these obstacles is to do careful research. There is no point in remaining involved in an investment that is not making money. The point is to always turn a profit. If a particular vehicle is not producing revenue then it should be let go immediately. It is a big mistake to hang on to something due to emotional sentiment.

Another solid method of minimizing risks in investment is developing a diverse portfolio. A diverse portfolio will feature a number of risky investments that are paired together with very sound investments. A beginner may want to seek counsel when first starting out in investing. A specialist will be able to develop the portfolio and provide the needed expertise. Once a new investor is comfortable with all of the information they can then venture out on their own.

Igor Cornelsen advises young people to start investing very early. It is the key to long-term financial freedom. Many begin their working careers without focusing on saving for the future. However, it is a huge advantage to put money in a position to earn revenue as soon as possible.

A Guide To Dr. Clay Siegall

Does the name Clay Siegall sound familiar? In most cases, the majority of people in the world will never know who this person is, but he has done a phenomenal job of fighting cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall is a prominent doctor and scientist. When it comes to progressively fighting cancer, he is certainly the man to call. Siegall is the co-founder and chief executive officer for one of the world’s leading biotech-oncology organizations. This organization is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has been on a mission to eradicate cancer. Located in Bothell, Washington, this particular cancer-research institute produces some of the most progressive and efficient antibody-drug conjugates.

Unlike past cancer treatments like chemotherapy, antibody-drug conjugates work by directly attacking cancer cells. These powerful medication have the ability to yield much better results because of their efficiency. The patients who use these medications experience less side effects. This is a big deal when dealing with cancer because the medications are so strong. This immense strength of cancer medications can destroy cancer cells, but it can also destroy healthy cells. Antibody-drug conjugates take away the sickening side effects, which helps the patient to immediately feel better. Dr. Siegall’s role in this type of medication can’t be questioned. He’s an “old guard” of the industry. Dr. Siegall has been able to license these powerful medications with multiple pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlien. ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has gone on to generate over $350 million in sales.

Being business savvy has definitely paid off in a big way. Over 60 different countries worldwide are now using the ADECTRIS drug with success. Dr. Siegall is looking to expand this brand by handling its international-marketing rights. By doing so, Seattle Genetics will be able to control its own destiny in the future.

Talos Energy Emerges Stronger After Merger

A merger that took place between Talos Energy Inc. and Stone Energy last May caused shockwaves to resonate throughout the oil and energy production industry. Both companies have operated independently in the oil and gas industry and have a history of expert asset management and development. When Stone Energy was forced to file for bankruptcy in late 2016, the road was paved for the efforts of the entities to be joined under the umbrella of Talos Energy. Tim Duncan, Talos Energy CEO, says that the merger will be beneficial to shareholders due to the new company’s increase in both scale and liquidity. Duncan also expressed the joy he felt at getting the deal done after so many of his peers openly doubted the merger decision.

Many thought that the deal was a bad idea for Talos Energy Inc. due to the large size of Stone Energy and the financial woes the company was currently experiencing. The merger was further complicated by the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to the greater Houston area just as the merger negotiations were reaching their peak. In fact, Duncan and his family were forced to evacuate by way of a FEMA boat as the flood waters from the storm rendered all roads to and from his Kingwood, Texas home completely impassable. Once assuring the safety of his family in Alabama, Tim Duncan returned to Houston, taking up temporary residence at the home of his parents who had fared a little better from the storm.

Tim Duncan set up a makeshift office in his parents’ kitchen and the negotiations that were interrupted by the fury of mother nature began again. A few months later, these negotiations were completed and the new Talos Energy was born. The result of the merger is that Tim Duncan is now the chief executive officer of a company that boasts of annual revenue reaching $900 million. The company will also have the use of the public listing that had been enjoyed by Stone energy and the company balance sheet should also excite shareholders as the company is encumbered by $700 million currently to go along with $2.3 billion in assets.